The Plus program consists of about 28 calls. Plus lessons alternate with Advanced lessons as well as full level Plus and Advanced dancing. The program is about 15 weeks long.

Some of the calls at this level are multilayered. A dancer may find himself working independently from the others, yet still dancing with the whole, moving from one dance formation to another (boxes and tidal waves and lines, oh my!). The dance styling in Plus becomes more energetic and louder than that found in Mainstream. Dancers maintain the "hands up" styling of Mainstream.

This may be a time when dancers learn both the gent's and lady's roles. Doing this can enhance their ability to do Plus calls (and Mainstream) from all positions.

Speaking of all positional dancing, Plus is when this way of square dancing is introduced. Usually, in the Basic, Mainstream and Plus programs, calls are taught from "vanilla" (fundamental or basic) positions and are often called when the dancers are again in those positions. Dancers often learn by body feel or body memory, so learning a particular position in a call is easier at first than learning all the positions. In all positional dancing, the definition of the calls is of equal or more importance than body memory. This importance is amplified in the Advanced and Challenge programs.

It is important for Plus dancers to keep their hands in at dancing other levels, so coming to angel the Basic and Mainstream classes is recommended. This also is a way to increase the pool of future Plus dancers!

The Plus program is probably the most exciting and fun (people actually smile).

Written by Turtle-Bear

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