Pocket protectors are optional for the challenge dancer! A hardy band of C1 dancers have been plugging away for years already and are still learning the intricacies of this program (challenge classes are quite infrequent).

C1 has about 85 calls and "concepts" in its trough and is the first program within Challenge as a whole (thus the '1' in C1). There are also C2, C3A, C3B, and, the bottomless pit in which resides all calls that have ever been used in any square dance program, C4.

Challenge dancers can be grumpy, giddy, controlled, or spacey - sorta like new Basic dancers. Most of the Challenge dancers of the Wilde Bunch have been dancing with the club over 5 years, and have put in their due and then some in angeling classes. Again, to increase our greater community's interest in square dancing, participation in other dance levels remains important.

FYI: Kris Jensen calls C2 on Wednesdays in her dance room. See the calendar for details.

Written by Turtle-Bear

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