Mainstream (MS for short) consists of the next 19 or so calls added to the Basic 50. The MS lessons alternate with full level dancing as well. You'll be introduced to the Basic and Mainstream level calls over about 5 months.

MS is a fun level where there is still a lot of "dance" in the square dancing and where the styling that is unique to Gay and Lesbian square dancing is mastered. The class is often repeated by Wilde Bunchers. (Turtle-Bear is one such dancer known to have gone through MS as a girl 3 times, before meeting Kris and being 'forced' to learn Plus as a boy!) Some callers are capable of interpreting MS calls and calling tips that will strain the ability of Challenge dancers - it is a very interesting program.

At the end of Mainstream class the Wilde Bunch celebrates the "Basically Wilde" class with a "Crossover" graduation party, during which the BWs are put through their paces, fulfill the requirements to receive various fun dangles (kinda like scout badges), and have a chance at 'pay back' dancing. The BWs are presented with their official Wilde Bunch name badges. The Crossover night is usually a time for all those in the Wilde Bunch to get together and have a good time.

New Wilde Bunchers are able to vote at general membership meetings and run for board positions, participating as full members of the Wilde Bunch.

New Wilde Bunchers are encouraged to repeat the Class. One year is usually required to solidify the experience and get comfortable. Once dancers learn MS, they can dance at events all over the world! There are many gay and lesbian square dance weekends to attend and make new friends. MS dancers can have a hell of a good time at the IAGSDC® convention! After some experience (several months) they may go on to Plus classes.

Written by Turtle-Bear

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