These first 50 or so calls of the Modern Western Square Dance (Club Dancing) program are taught over the period of about15 weeks.

The Basic (Beginner Class level) lessons alternate with line dances and mixer dances (if time allows), and full level Mainstream dancing as well as full Plus will also be called. The building blocks of square dance are taught during this time - each call by the instructor (the caller) represents a move or set of moves done by the dancers. They form the repertoire that the dancers and caller will use to shape the dancing.

The Class Director oversees the class. The Class can refer to the CD as 'Mother'. The CD will take the names and other pertinent data of the new dancers, impart the necessary information about Gay square dancing, and give encouragement and hugs. The Class can elect a member to represent them at Board of Directors meetings.

The caller may make note at the end of the 15 week period that the Class has completed the Basic list of calls and that they will now be introduced to the Mainstream level calls.

At this time there are 2 classes per year: one beginning in January, and the other in July. The first two nights are "Open Houses" that are free to everyone.

Written by Turtle-Bear

What do you need when you learn to square dance?

A sense of humor.
Expect to make mistakes - give yourself time and practice to learn at your own pace.
Take a deep breath and have fun!

You don't need:

Square dance experience.
Any other dance experience.
A dance partner.

Who do I dance with?

The Wilde Bunch provides dance partners ("angels") for all Basic dancers. It is easier to learn with an experienced partner to help you. If you are here as a couple, we recommend you NOT dance together until you are more familiar with the calls.

Square Up:

On the first nights, a Wilde Buncher will ask you to dance and will take you up to a square. When you feel comfortable, feel free to ask someone to dance or just go into a square and raise a hand - someone will join you!

Boy or Girl?!?

Feel free to experiment with the dancing roles during the Open House to decide if you want to learn the Lady's or Gent's role.
But, once you decide, please stay in that role for the remainder of the classes - you will suffer less confusion.

What is a tip?

It is a block of dances, usually a "teaching call" and a "singing call".
Please remain in your square for the entire tip.
The caller will alternate between Basic and Mainstream so there will be time to sit out and socialize.


Feel free to ask any questions you may have. See the Class Director, the Caller, or any Wilde Bunch member.

Thanks to Laura for the basis of the above! Edited by Turtle-Bear

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