The Advanced program is split into two plateaus: A1 and A2. The approximately 75 calls are taught over the period of about a year. These lessons alternate with full level dancing.

Hard knowledge of all previous levels (a strong foundation) is important for Advanced dancing. Studying the definitions of the calls is extra important for learning them, because the caller may use them when dancers are in previously unfamiliar positions.

It may appear to Basic and Mainstream dancers that Advanced folk are not having fun. It is true that when first starting out in Advanced there is a lot of churning brain gears, but the smiles and laughs do return! Styling changes to a "hands down" position and singing calls are less important to the experience of square dancing - it becomes more of a game rather than a form of folk dance. And because of this, many dancers that continue beyond Advanced are usually those that have a flair for the technician arts (or at least enjoy some good puzzle solving).

Though lots of full level "floor time" is necessary for Advanced dancers, it is just as important for Advanced dancers to keep their hands in at dancing other levels. So angeling the Basic, Mainstream and Plus classes is recommended. This also is a way to increase the pool of possible future Advanced dancers!

Advanced dancers can dance most of the levels offered by the Wilde Bunch. Though dancers may not feel ready to go out in the world until they get many hours floor time at home, attending dances held by other clubs is quite beneficial for solidifying the calls.

Written by Turtle-Bear

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