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That was then:

Armed with an article from MacUser magazine on writing HTML, in 1996 I created the first Wilde Bunch webpage. At first I used the word processor on my Mac (ClarisWorks 4) for the code, and the vector drawing application FreeHand for the graphics. I soon discovered a number of shareware and low priced commercial applications to help author web pages. Here is a PDF of homepage from 1997.

This is now:

All web material is managed/created on an Apple MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 running macOS X 10.15.x Catalina.

HTML used to be written using Optima System's PageSpinner for Macintosh (now obsolete), with some help from Bare Bone Software's BBEdit and Hivelogic's Enkoder (obsolete).
At this point I am barely keeping up with updates using BBEdit.
My code is archaic and obsolete. I just don't understand CSS even though I have been able to plug it in here and there.

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Original graphics were created using Lemke Software's Graphic Converter, Stone Design's Create, and Macromedia Freehand (which was killed by Adobe). Currently, Apple Preview.app, and Pixelmator are in use.

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Pages are tested using Mac products: Safari and Google Chrome.

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