This area of our web site has descriptions of the different levels or programs of modern western square dance as they are organized at The Bunch. But first, you need to know the:


A vital ingredient to learning. We are all beginners at something and we all have lapses (plural of laps).

We are known as the Nicest Bunch in the West. In dancing with seven other people we enter into an informal agreement to cooperate with the group.

No one at The Bunch has been seen in a cast in quite a long time. A loose but knowing grip is sufficient.

The sweetness of a man and the strength of a woman is required to dance at all levels.

Promptness and Attendance:
Be there to make a square for all to enjoy.

Bring your whole self and make life-long friends. We come together to celebrate each other (kinda like church).

Thanks to Stanley for the basis of the above! Edited by Turtle-Bear.

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